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Lapis Pro & Elixir ~ Products for health and regeneration

Lapis Pro by fulminadistri.com

Lapis Pro = 60 capsules

Gut Microbiota Bio-regulator Complex Jared recommends ordering 3 bottles if you dont have diseases and 6 bottles if you do. Then take Lapis Elixir if you feel great and are ready. 

Ages 6 and over can take Lapis Elixir

Lapis Pro is ALL NATURAL, NON - GMO, is grown in a pristine environment and goes through high quality testing.

Safe to Take with anything!

Lapis pro has has had no negative side effects and is non- addictive. The affects normally last from a few months to a few years according to how you are for your body.

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Lapis Elixir

Lapis Elixir from Funlimnadistri.com

This energy brings the regeneration, the beauty and the youth of the body.

This knowledge of  traditional extraction was reserved for the elite and was taught by the  masters. It was guarded as a secret in order to preserve the  quintessence. Marked in all historical texts of our World Heritage, this  knowledge was for a long time unexplained and almost forgotten 

Lapis Elixir = 30 doses *Only use after 2-3 months of Lapis Pro

Fulmina Distri, rare and exceptional products for the regeneration of the body

Fulmina Distri has regrouped already well known remedies, rare or  forgotten, but still and always of very high quality. These products are  being manufactured by skilled craftsmen or industrial corporations  still thriving to attain a high level of perfection on the original raw  materials, on the process of fabrication, that will guarantee the  highest quality of product.