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Vitamin C / Cardio C


Cardio-C™ drink mix is Vitamin C Foundation  Approved®. The mix provides Linus Pauling's specific vitamin C and  lysine recommendations for the prevention and treatment of chronic  scurvy (aka cardiovascular disease)  -- without pills!  Vitamin C is  China-FREE™Quali-C®   

*Jared takes this daily and says everyone needs too. This company has the best Vitamin C in many forms, you can choose. The chew-able ones are great for all ages!

Visit heartcure.info for more information related to this supplement.

Quick Restore Harmonizers


Energy Balance in Minutes ~ Galactic inspired mixture from the some of the most powerful Earth Minerals (*Super Shungite mixture) brings multiple benefits for your body.


Clearing on many levels from electronics to negative energies along with emotional clearing and more. *COMPLETE Harmonizer Necklace NOW available! Click Here

*Shoe Inserts can be found here

Read more at: www.QuickRestoreHarmonizer.com

  • Energizing
  • Relaxing, Balancing & Meditation
  • Elevated Mood
  • Minor Pain Relief possible
  • EMF a Harmony Help
  • Pregnant Moms & Babies
  • Pets = Animals
  • Powerful Body Balancing tool *

Ancient 3rd Eye Connection Tool

Hollow Earth Crystal Goddess Headband

Ancient technology Crystal Headband like the ones used in Lemuria and Atlantis & still used in Hollow Earth and throughout the Galaxy. 

5D tool used for divine CONNECTION to your Higher Self, ENHANCED INTUITION, opening your 3rd eye and much more!  

*Zorra of Hollow Earth Highly recommends wearing this daily for Higher connection. Jared personally recommends these on his Q&A call at the beginning...  Click Here to listen

Wonderful tool to wear during MEDITATION  = 3 band styles to choose from.

Source of Life Gold

Source of Life Gold

Natures Plus Source of Life Gold Energy Shake - Tropical Berry Flavor -  Whole Food Vitamin, Mineral & Protein Powder - Vegetarian, Gluten  Free. Jared talked about using this daily on a a few Health calls and how it is the most complete mix he knows of.

Liquid Conquer *Great 4 Cancer


Conquer is also from the Vitamin C Foundation and is a perfected mixture with Super Mushrooms resulting in possible excellent results for cancer patients

Call Robert for more information.

Click Contact Us on their website after reading the testimonial.

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