Daily Global Guided Meditations Time For Change Information Calls

Daily Global Guided Meditations Time For Change Information Calls

Daily Global Guided Meditations Time For Change Information CallsDaily Global Guided Meditations Time For Change Information Calls

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Liquid Gold RX

Liquid Gold RX

The Question 

If there was a way for your body to help neutralize the poisons from our contaminated food, water and air supply on a daily basis, would you be open to information on how that is possible?    


LGRX helps the body to open the vessels up, so that the blood can deliver these nutrients in a precise and targeted way which affects the entire internal anti-ageing process.            

Quick Restore Harmonizers


Energy Balance in Minutes ~ Galactic inspired mixture from the some of the most powerful Earth Minerals 


  • EMF Assistance
  • Emotional Clearing
  • Body Balance
  • Pain/ Muscle assistance
  • Better Sleep
  • Harmony
  • Clearing/Programing Food & Water
  • Earthing Frequency

*Shoe Inserts can be found here


Hollow Earth Headband

Hollow Earth Crystal Goddess Headband

Ancient technology Crystal Headband like the ones used in Lemuria and Atlantis & still used in Hollow Earth and throughout the Galaxy. 

5D tool used for divine CONNECTION to your Higher Self, ENHANCED INTUITION, opening your 3rd eye and much more!  

*Zorra of Hollow Earth Highly recommends wearing this daily for Higher connection. Jared personally recommends these on his Q&A call at the beginning...  Click Here to listen

Wonderful tool to wear during MEDITATION  = 3 band styles to choose from.

Vitamin C / Cardio C


Cardio-C™ drink mix is Vitamin C Foundation  Approved®. The mix provides Linus Pauling's specific vitamin C and  lysine recommendations for the prevention and treatment of chronic  scurvy (aka cardiovascular disease)  -- without pills!  Vitamin C is  China-FREE™Quali-C®   

*Jared takes this daily and says everyone needs too. This company has the best Vitamin C in many forms, you can choose. The chew-able ones are great for all ages!

Visit heartcure.info for more information related to this supplement.

Source of Life Gold

Source of Life Gold

Natures Plus Source of Life Gold Energy Shake - Tropical Berry Flavor -  Whole Food Vitamin, Mineral & Protein Powder - Vegetarian, Gluten  Free. Jared talked about using this daily on a a few Health calls and how it is the most complete mix he knows of.

Liquid Conquer *Great 4 Cancer


Conquer is also from the Vitamin C Foundation and is a perfected mixture with Super Mushrooms resulting in possible excellent results for cancer patients

Call Robert for more information.

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